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The internationally acclaimed author and three-time U.S. National Champion John Saint Ryan  has had several successful careers, but horse riding was always an integral part of his life. Born in the UK, he taught martial arts for 27 years throughout Europe, coaching 12 students to become National Champions and was also elected Chairman of the British Thai Boxing Council. During that time, Saint Ryan rode horses recreationally, while also having a successful acting career, which included being a stunt double for Sean Connery, and co-starring with Heath Ledger in the TV Series 'Roar.' In 1992, Saint Ryan moved to the United States and was introduced to the horseman Tom Dorrance, where his love for horse training flourished. Together, Saint Ryan and Dorrance created training DVDs including 'Greetings from Tom Dorrance', 'Feel, Timing & Balance and 'Visits with Tom'.

In addition to Saint Ryan's own personal stories, often humorous, "A Voice for the Horse" also provides a one-month training program, relevant for horses in any stage of training. Saint Ryan hopes the book is a way more people, and horses, can learn from his experiences and put his theories and strategies to work.


The internationally acclaimed author and three-time U.S. National Champion John Saint Ryan announced today the release of his new book, "A Voice for the Horse." A skilled trainer with more than 30 years of experience, Saint Ryan's new book explores the impact horses had on him throughout his life and chronicles his time learning from Tom Dorrance, who is considered one of the founders of the modern natural horsemanship movement.  "A Voice for the Horse" also documents Saint Ryan's personal studies and theories for effective communication between a horse, a trainer and rider.


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 "Lets be perfectly frank and honest with ourselves regarding our relationship with any horse.  When you finish your ride and you get down from the saddle it isn't the people who watched you ride, the officials at some event or exhibition who have a right to judge you.  The real thing that matters, the true judge of your ability as a horseman is standing next to you.  It is the horse who will tell you by his expression, his body and the look in his eye if you helped him, if showed him how he can be better and if you have a partner in this dance."  JSR 


Books, DVDs, Music

Books, DVDs, Music

Books, DVDs, Music



Books, DVDs, Music

Books, DVDs, Music


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Books, DVDs, Music

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 "We can read about it, we can talk about it, we can sing about it and we can write about it.
Until we actually experience it...we don't have any real understanding." JSR 


  “The rider needs to recognize the horses’ need for self-preservation in Mind, Body and the third factor Spirit…….he needs to realize how the persons approach can assure the horse that he can have his self-preservation and still respond to what the person is asking him to do.” Tom Dorrance  


 "If we can take the time to develop our relationship with the horse, if we can set aside any finite ambition.
Then we can live and ride in THAT MOMENT." JSR 


 "How wonderful it is to see the joy in the faces of the human and the expression of the horse when their movement becomes as one." JSR 


 "It is better to give a lighter aid earlier than a stronger aid later." JSR  


 “There’s a time in there; it’s just as well not to crowd the horse if he isn’t ready for it. You keep offering, trying to help as much as you can, without troubling him too much about it. Then, there will be a day when it will just clear right up.” Tom Dorrance 

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