John may be availabe for Private Lessons. Please contact Joyce for further info.

John Saint Ryan works with horses and riders in every discipline, and at all levels, with a focus on bridging natural horsemanship techniques with the principles of classical riding.  He draws his experience working under the guidance of Tom Dorrance, from his work with Master Horseman Jose Manuel Martin de Leon of Spain, and Rodrigo de Costa Mattos of Portugal.  John will help each rider improve by directing them toward a deeper understanding of their horse, and ultimately working toward riding skills that incorporate the feel, timing and balance necessary to lead to a light and responsive horse. 

He has a reputation as a truly talented, kind and gentle horseman.  Whether he is working with Championship Show Equestrians or dedicated recreational riders, his focus in teaching is the same:  "help the student develop a deeper level of communication with their horses and unlock the incredible potential that each horse has to offer."

There is no trauma or turmoil in a John Saint Ryan lesson!  Just lots of fun and amazing results in connecting and communication with your horse, no matter what your riding discipline may be

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