"I just reviewed Pat's new dvd "THE ART OF THE BRIDLE HORSE”. 

Pat has done a great job explaining this art. His experience of 40 years of breaking and training bridle horses is now a gift to those who want to learn. Enjoy.  Sincerely, Ray Ordway

Born in 1924 Ray Ordway followed the California vaquero traditions of his father Ira, uncles and older brothers working long, hard days on open ranch land, handling cattle, branding, colt starting and absorbing knowledge from old-time masters of the California Spanish style. Today Ray Ordway is known as “Dean of Vaqueros.” 

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Tom Dorrance: More Than a Horseman
hardcover book

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The Art of the Garrocha
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New! Audio CD Think Harmony with Horses



The Highwayman CD




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"I just reviewed Pat's new dvd "THE ART OF THE BRIDLE HORSE”. 

Pat has done a great job explaining this art. His experience of 40 years of breaking and training bridle horses is now a gift to those who want to learn. Enjoy.  Sincerely, Ray Ordway

Born in 1924 Ray Ordway followed the California vaquero traditions of his father Ira, uncles and older brothers working long, hard days on open ranch land, handling cattle, branding, colt starting and absorbing knowledge from old-time masters of the California Spanish style. Today Ray Ordway is known as “Dean of Vaqueros.” 

"Pat shares good, practical knowledge about a vanishing art form." Jack Bassett, owner of D-M Western Store, Reno NV

"We made this video so I could share my knowledge about the Art of the Bridle Horse. Every reinsman has his own techniques. My technique is the product of forty years horseback, working on ranches and riding for the public. To me, the Bridle Horse is the highest level of western riding. This video is full of ideas that will help any horseman compliment their horse.” Pat Puckett
“ This project has been a joy to work on and I hope it helps people gain a better understanding of the real practicalities of why a reinsman would school his horse a particular way, and that schooling surely would reflect the actual work required of the horse.  The performance horse world was not part of this, anything we have presented here is valid, logical and well founded from a working aspect. and we hope we have shown not only the realities of a good working Bridle Horse but also the training method and progressive scales of learning which if done quietly, correctly and methodically will help you in your own efforts to train a horse in this way.”  John Saint Ryan
Included in this DVD you will find:
1. The Foundation
2. The headstall.
3. How to tie the throat latch.
4.Tying the blood knot
5. How to move the feet.
6 The application of the aids and body position.
7. The subtleties of signals.
8 Mechanics of the hackamore.
9. Reviewing the fit of the bosal.
10. How to tie the mecate to the bosal.
11. The horse and the equipment.
12 How to tie the 'get down' rope.
13. The 'get down' rope -  tying off.
14 Teaching the horse to accept the bridle.
15 Coastal reins -  application.
16. The pre-signal process.
17 Working practicalities.
18. The Palm Concho.
19 Tying the reata - Valise style.
20. The curb strap  function.
21. Choosing the cheekpiece and the mouthpiece.
22. A closer look at the mouthpiece.
23. The importance of the practicalities.
24. The spade bit - evaluation.
25. The two rein process.
26. Removing the bit.
27 Bosalito and spade bit.
28. How to hold the two reins.
29. Personal preference in using the two rein.
30 Training principles.
31 Practice  a lesson with Pat.
32. Practice  putting it all together.
33 Practice.  Ranch roping clinic excerpt.
34. Reality.  Spring branding in Arizona.
35. Roping clips.
36. Summary.
Galloping Gelding Production. All Rights Reserved. 
Duration: 2 hours 04 minutes


john saint ryan


It is important the horse is well prepared both physically and mentally to begin training in the Art of the Garrocha.
John Saint Ryans unique horsemanship has developed over the years. He is well respected for his knowledge and philosophy in training horses. His clinics and riding instruction are highly regarded . 

In this DVD you will find
1.A brief history of the Garrocha.
2. The tack and equipment
3. Exercises on horseback without the Garrocha
4. Exercises on the ground with the Garrocha
5. How to safely introduce the Garrocha to your horse
6.The Basic exercises at the walk and trot incorporating the maneuvers of the Garrocha.
7.The Intermediate exercises at the gallop with more demanding maneuvers.

John Saint Ryans skills in Doma Vaquera led him to win the U.S National Championship three years in succession at all levels from Basico through Intermedio to Alta. His exhibition work with the Garrocha is in great demand.



The fine art of the Garrocha has finally been revealed to us all who live with horses in America. John Saint Ryan is a multifaceted man in riding, training, exhibitions, singing and acting and now surprise - movie production.

The history revealed is thorough and interesting. It is recorded in a concise manner. In all aspects from the beginning to the end of this
beautifully produced DVD John demonstrates in the presentation chapters a logical sequence of progression. All beginners will be thrilled to learn how important it is to learn this discipline so as not to frighten their horse. All aficionados will respect the phased lessons for accuracy.

This elegantly produced DVD introduces the "Art of the Garrocha" as developing a bond between horse and rider. The careful explanation with the visual presentation makes this more than the "how to" response to accomplish this riding discipline. It does so with grace and precision.

John Saint Ryan has shared his wonderful ability to explain in simple steps for all students of horsemanship from the beginning, to successfully achieve a capability of this dignified and artistic rendition of the historic birth of modern "cowboy" skills on horses.

Thank you John for producing the first DVD of this kind of horsemanship skill to America. We hope that all horsemen will revere this skill and learn it easily by following it along. The best that could happen is that this DVD will popularize the Garrocha into many exhibitions across our land, as well as internationally.

Graham & Lanys Kaye-Eddie
Foundation for the Pure Spanish Horse

The Art of the Garrocha is one of the most well-organized and thoughtfully prepared horsemanship video that I have found. The sections on history of the Garrocha and tack and equipment are good introductions to those new to the Garrocha, and the Exhibition footage is truly inspirational. One realizes while watching this DVD that working with the Garrocha is not just for one discipline of riding. The principles and exercises presented here can help with improving balance, refining the aids, and achieving better communication with your horse no matter what style of riding you do. John Saint Ryan thoughtfully includes different breeds and training levels to emphasis this point. Many instructional DVDs show only the perfected footage of the horse. I found the inclusion of less confident horses and potential challenges that can arise very refreshing, as it let's the rider get a look at how to safely handle a real-life situation. I look forward to more from John Saint Ryan on the Advanced Garrocha exercises, but for now this DVD gives me plenty of useful exercises for both my green horse and my more advanced horse.

Katy Sommers DVM

This is a very well done step-by-step introduction into the art of the Garrocha. The DVD production values are first-rate and the instruction progresses in a logical, understandable manner. It's full of good practical advice for anyone interested in advancing their horsemanship and developing better communication with their horse, regardless of the breed or style of riding. John Saint Ryan is a fine horseman and an excellent teacher. After purchasing the DVD and seeing how he rides and communicates, I'm interested in attending one of his clinics.

P. Hudson Amazon review

This is an excellent DVD for anyone that wants a step-by-step introduction into the art of the Garrocha. The camara work and sound are very professioinal and it is enjoyable as well as informative to watch. I use the garrocha and related exercises for my own horses and have found them to be extreamly effective in developing the communication needed for all kinds of equitation. I highly recommend this to anyone wishing to develop a good basic bond with his or her horse no matter what the breed. Lots of information!

M. Moreshead Amazon review

If you have ever wanted to incorporate the Garrocha into your riding routines, then this DVD is for you. John is a master Horseman with an incredible way with horses. He is also a very gifted teacher when it comes to humans. He has the ability to break down complex subjects into clear and concise components. He starts with the most basic components and slowly adds more until the whole picture is clear and understandable. This DVD presents lessons for both you and your horse. From selecting the right Garrocha, to learning how to handle the Garrocha without your horse, to introducing the Garrocha to your horse, and then on to work in the saddle. If you follow the lessons, you and your horse will feel comfortable and confident performing your routines with the Garrocha. To see how beautiful this can be, check out the YouTube video of John in Las Vegas. Search for John Saint Ryan Garrocha. Simply stunning!!!

Wildhorse Amazon Review

Tom Dorrance More Than a Horseman

by Margaret Dorrance and John Saint Ryan

This book is a collection of essays and stories, which not only reflect the admiration and respect for Tom Dorrance, but also give clues and direction to the many people who really want to develop their horsemanship skills.

You will find knowledgeable horse people from many disciplines and a wide variety of experience sharing their ‘aha’ moments. Talking about how, despite many a struggle, with Toms’ guidance and with their own practice and determination, they could make incredible breakthroughs in understanding and communication with the horse.

Tom was very protective of his work, his way with horses. This was not from a selfish point of view. He wanted a person to get it right. He didn’t want the horse to suffer because of any misunderstanding and so he tried to help anyone he could and he would encourage you to observe and compare. If you were prepared to work at things he was always there for you.

We want to extend our gratitude to all the contributors to this book. This has been a labor of love and a personal dream for us to collate all these stories and anecdotes that go to show the real Tom Dorrance, More than a Horseman.

We truly believe that the contents of this book will help a person not only with their horses but also with their life.

- Margaret Dorrance and John Saint Ryan

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New! Audio CD Think Harmony with Horses

Think Harmony with Horses by Ray Hunt was published in book form in the fall of 1978. The book material was gathered during the many hours of listening as Ray shared his feelings and ideas about horses with many eager students. Ray had been on a quest to share his feelings about horses since he had been influenced by “the horse’s lawyer,” Tom Dorrance, a decade before.

This 2 CD Audio book is narrated by John Saint Ryan. Written by Ray Hunt and Edited by Milly Hunt Porter.



“Saint Ryan makes things simple and practical for both horse and rider to encourage confidence. His safe, gentle techniques require minimal gear, and each exercise builds on the previous one, laying a strong foundation for future efforts. Best of all, the skills transfer to under-saddle work, and help establish a trusting, lasting partnership with your horse. Saint Ryan gears his DVD to riders of all levels and disciplines. Applying his techniques to your groundwork will improve your skills and help you establish a functional vocabulary with your horse. The $34.95 ($25.00 when you order here) is a small price to pay for developing a lasting relationship with your horse.”  


“John Saint Ryan brings a very cerebral approach to his Work in Hand DVD which demonstrates building a foundation of communication with horses through groundwork. Saint Ryan concentrates just as much on helping prepare the thoughts of the clinic participants , as he does on teaching them horsemanship mechanics.”   THE TRAIL LESS TRAVELED MAY 2003



Here are five essential points to consider
why this DVD would be valuable to you

1. To help build a foundation for communication with your horse. Working from the ground with the horses mind.


2. Having the ability, skill and understanding to move your horse around you safely in any direction.  When you direct your horse not feeling unprepared or unsure about leading, backing, driving or lateral movements.


3. The opportunity to observe how your horse is moving (freely or otherwise).  Is he sore or stiff, imbalanced? Where are the weak points in his overall physical capability. work in hand can show simply and clearly where there may be more or less flexion in a joint.  Also where a ‘brace’ (resistance) is apparent.


4. Having the horse and human working in unity, and building confidence together, where every simple progression develops that powerful bond between two essentially different beings.  The cornerstone for success. 


5. To have the practical skill that relates to successful trailer loading. Also safe handling for both the farrier and veterinarian.


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