D O M A  V A Q U E R A


Doma Vaquera is one of the styles of equitation in Spain, another being Doma Clasica (classical equitation).

Doma Vaquera is a style of horse riding which enables the rider to carry out daily duties on horseback on a working cattle ranch. It was especially developed out of the use of the horse for handling the fighting bulls of Spain and grew out of decades of daily work with them in the open countryside.

The style of riding, tack, dress and discipline of the working horses evolved into what we see today. It is still being used on working ranches, in Doma Vaquera competition and more recently, Doma de Trabajo (working equitation).

Modern Doma Vaquera competitions provide a challenging test for both the horse and rider.  Practicality and precision are married together as the rider must be aware of the true nature of these tests which are performed in a 60m x 20m arena.  At advanced level the requirements include all the maneuvers a horse would need to make when facing a fighting bull such as explosive gallops from a standing start, skid stops, lateral yielding and canter pirouettes.


The Art of the Garrocha
For the first time, the traditional Art of the Garrocha is completely explained and demonstrated by John Saint Ryan in a stop by stop process. Now you can work in your own time with the traditional method John teaches at his Clinics. This DVD will teach you how to develop the skills necessary to practice this wonderful art of horsemanship as originally taught to John by such experts as Jose Manuel Martin de Leon.

This DVD, for Beginner to Intermediate, includes:

Exhibition Highlights from the National Championships.

A brief history of the Garrocha

Exercises on Horseback with and without the Garrocha

How to introduce the Garrocha to your horse safely.

The Basic exercises at the walk and trot.

The intermediate exercises at the Gallop
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John would like to thank Jose Manuel Martin de Leon (Monitor of the Real la of Jerez) for his continual support and teaching.

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John is a member of the International Andalusian Lusitano Horse Association
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