Let's be perfectly frank and honest with ourselves regarding our relationship with any horse. When you finish your ride and you get down from the saddle, it isn't the people who watched you ride, the officials at some event or exhibition who have any right to judge you. The real thing that matters, the true judge of your ability as a horseman is standing next to you. It is the horse who will tell you by his expression, his body and the look in his eye if you helped him. If you showed him how he can be better and if you have a partner in this dance. JSR


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December, 2018


I was thrilled to hear that John Saint Ryan had completed his book, and sat comfortably in these early winter days to read it and absorb more of his involvement with, and gentle sympathy and love for horses.  It was also an opportunity to participate in some of his invaluable connection to Tom Dorrance whose influence I missed completely.  I have benefitted enormously with the work that John did with the horses that I was able to send to him for training, they were always the better for their work with him!  Even the most complicated of them were saved for the future by his understanding of their problems.  I am thankful, on behalf of horses in general, and handlers in particular for John’s enlightening understanding of the relationship between horse and human. 

With admiration and gratitude -  Lanys Kaye-Eddie  Gremlan Farms




"I just reviewed Pat's new dvd "THE ART OF THE BRIDLE HORSE”. 

Pat has done a great job explaining this art. His experience of 40 years of breaking and training bridle horses is now a gift to those who want to learn. Enjoy.  Sincerely, Ray Ordway

Born in 1924 Ray Ordway followed the California vaquero traditions of his father Ira, uncles and older brothers working long, hard days on open ranch land, handling cattle, branding, colt starting and absorbing knowledge from old-time masters of the California Spanish style. Today Ray Ordway is known as “Dean of Vaqueros.” 

"Pat shares good, practical knowledge about a vanishing art form." Jack Bassett, owner of D-M Western Store, Reno NV




New! Audio CD Think Harmony with Horses

Think Harmony with Horses by Ray Hunt was published in book form in the fall of 1978. The book material was gathered during the many hours of listening as Ray shared his feelings and ideas about horses with many eager students. Ray had been on a quest to share his feelings about horses since he had been influenced by “the horse’s lawyer,” Tom Dorrance, a decade before.

This 2 CD Audio book is narrated by John Saint Ryan. Written by Ray Hunt and Edited by Milly Hunt Porter.



Read More about Tom Dorrance, the man who had such a tremendous influence on John Saint Ryan here in this book co-authored with Margaret Dorrance

Tom Dorrance More Than a Horseman


And then watch as John employs these gentle but effective training methods in his Instructional DVD. FREE SHIPPING FOR DECEMBER!

The Art of The Garrocha


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